Celebrated Photographer Shines a Light on People With Psoriatic Disease

Award-winning portrait photographer Martin Schoeller along with 12-time Olympic medalist and New York Times best-selling author Dara Torres and others with psoriatic disease have come together for the SHOW MORE OF YOU campaign from Celgene Corporation. The campaign aims to shine a light on psoriatic disease — which includes plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis — and celebrate the beauty and empowerment of those who live with it. People can view Schoeller’s powerful portraits at ShowMoreOfYou.com, learn more about the campaign, and share their own inspirational photos of how they are showing more of their true selves.

World-renowned for his portraiture, Schoeller has photographed a diverse range of subjects including world leaders and celebrities, among others. His portraits for the campaign feature notable names like Dara Torres who has been living with plaque psoriasis for two decades, former professional football player and sports analyst Mark Schlerethwho is living with psoriatic arthritis, to everyday people with the disease. The photos help bring awareness to psoriatic disease, which can have both a physical and an emotional impact on those living with it.

“As a storyteller, I want to bring out the true character of my subjects, and I believe the many faces of this campaign have inspiring stories to tell,” said Schoeller. “I came to learn in the course of this project that it isn’t always easy for people living with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis to show who they truly are. I hope these portraits capture the authenticity of each individual, bring out their inner strength and outer beauty, and encourage others not to fear the spotlight.”

No stranger to the spotlight, Dara Torres — the first and only female swimmer to represent the U.S. in five Olympic Games— refused to let fear or embarrassment of living with plaque psoriasis keep her out of a bathing suit or the pool. Torres is lending her support for the campaign for the second year to encourage others to not let their disease stop them from showing who they are or doing what they love.



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